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Young Innovators Gear Up for Local VEX Robotics Competition

Tahlequah, Oklahoma 
Northeastern State University Event Center

Teams of Robot-Building Students Put STEM Skills to the Test at the VEXPo’14

Tahlequah, Oklahoma Saturday November 22, 2014 – More than 600 leading middle and high school VEX Robotics students and mentors from around the northeastern part of Oklahoma will unite at the NSU Even Center on November 22, 2014 for the VEXPO’14 competition.  The action-packed tournament will feature more than 120 teams who will compete with and against other schools in a series of back-to-back robot challenges, made possible by the following sponsors Cherokee Nation Education Services, Northeastern State University College of Education, Boeing, Google, Arkansas Power Electronics International, Cherokee Data Solutions, NSU Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement and  Participants will compete for the championship title by strategically executing the game, Skyrise, driving robots they designed, built and programmed from the ground up using VEX EDR.  VRC Skyrise is played by scoring colored cubes in floor goals, on posts, and by building Skyrises and scoring cubes on those Skyrises. VRC Skyrise was developed by VEX Robotics, Inc. and the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, leaders in educational and competitive robotics.

The VEXPO ’14 is one of a series of VEX Robotics Competitions taking place internationally throughout the year.  VEX Robotics is the world’s fastest growing competitive robotics program for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges around the world, with more than 10,000 teams from 33 countries that participate in more than 800 VEX Robotics events worldwide.  The competition season culminates each spring, with the highly-anticipated VEX Robotics World Championship event, uniting top qualifying teams from local, state and international VEX Robotics events. 

“The future success of our global economy depends on equipping today’s youth with the tools necessary to become tomorrow’s leading innovators,” said Barbara Fuller, Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement of Northeastern State University.  “The VEX Robotics Competition provides kids with an engaging hands-on learning experience that promotes a passion for science and technology – instilling in them an appreciation for the field and an enthusiasm to pursue STEM-related education and careers.”

The VEX Robotics Competition is managed by the Robotics Education & Competition Foundation and serves as a vehicle for students to develop critical life skills such as teamwork, leadership and project management, honed through building robots and competing with like-minded students from the community in a pulse-pounding, exciting, non-traditional environment.  VEX EDR was built from the ground up and designed to be an affordable, accessible and scalable platform used to teach science, technology, engineering and math education worldwide. 

More information about the VEX Robotics Competition is available at or at   

About the REC Foundation

The Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, supports robotics and technology events and programs that aim to inspire and motivate students to advance in STEM education. In addition to operating and supporting competitions for some of the world’s leading robotics platforms and organizations including VEX, TSA and BEST Robotics Competitions, the foundation also provides program support and workshops focused on technology and professional development for educators – including the community portal website which helps promote multiple high quality programs and provides online registration and event pages for hundreds of events around the world.

Published: 11/18/2014 2:57:01 PM

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