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NSU's ETS Program Keeps Busy Over the Summer

Northeastern State University’s Educational Talent Search program is keeping the momentum going even over the summer. Four of NSU’s ETS alum, who are also current NSU students, have been working as camp mentors to further assist with the program.

NSU’s ETS serves middle and high school students in northeastern Oklahoma. This guidance program helps students recognize educational opportunities and motivates them to set and pursue future goals. Along with career and college counseling, students are encouraged to challenge themselves and recognize their strengths through educational, cultural and adventure activities.

In June ETS hosted two summer mini camps—the Learning and Leadership Summit, June 2-3, the High School “Survivor Camp,” June 9 – 10. At the conclusion of each camp, students, parents and staff enjoyed an awards banquet, which included a slideshow of camp photos, introduction of staff and mentors, introduction of students and a certificate presentation.

Learning and Leadership Summit: The Road to the Final Score! Some 22 “rising sophomores” from 12 of ETS’s target high schools attended this summit which was designed to hone one’s leadership skills for the future and pave the way for a smooth transition from high school to college. All activities at the summit were geared toward helping students develop a competitive scholarship résumé.

High School Survivor Camp This camp consisted of 34 “rising freshmen” from 12 ETS target high schools. The groups were divided into teams and participated in both physical and academic challenges, earning reward money for good teamwork and exhibiting positive skills, all while preparing to make the transition from junior high to high school. Students also spent time in the computer lab discussing social media etiquette, high school graduation requirements and college prep classes.

Students at both camps created an “Action Plan” to set personal goals for the upcoming year of high school and beyond.

“The staff are awesome, very informative, motivational and helpful,” said Firelei Edmonds, mother of ETS camp participants. “This is my third child to go through the program and without ETS I would have been lost. My two older children are college students, one working on their bachelor’s degree and one in graduate school. Both are doing it with no debt. A big thank you to ETS. They are the best.”

NSU ETS Director, Diane Walker also conducts a parent session at the camps to provide high school and college information to parents.

“I try to cover topics such as, financial literacy, scholarships and the ACT. Just general information that is imperative to college,” said Walker. “Our parent involvement has been incredibly high and successful.”

Opportunities continue with ETS camps in July.

A Career Camp for “rising juniors” was held July 14-15 on the NSU-Tahlequah campus. The group took career field trips and visited numerous businesses in the city of Tahlequah.

The final camp, College Encounter, will be run July 21 – 22. The College Encounter is for “rising seniors” and will also be at the NSU-Tahlequah campus. The group will take campus tours and visit not only Northeastern, but also a few college campuses in the area.

“I really appreciate the ETS program,” said Shelly Bogans, mother of ETS camp participant. “The only support my child has is me and now ETS. Thank you for the opportunity. I think it’s awesome that these kids were chosen to participate in this program. It helps give them the skills needed for life and boosts self-esteem because they are part of something positive.

For more information about NSU’s ETS program call 918-444-2242 or email

Published: 7/18/2014 2:59:17 PM

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