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Programs offered to NSU Alumni through Alumni Association

Northeastern State University recognizes that the university’s greatest recruiters of future RiverHawks are often alumni and their families. For this reason, the Alumni Association features multiple programs designed to introduce young people to the benefits and traditions of Northeastern State.

The three programs that are part of this program include: the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarships, RiverHawk Legacy Program, and RiverHawk Baby Bibs. These programs are offered to all NSU alumni.   

Legacy Scholarship

The Alumni Association began awarding this scholarship to qualified freshman in 1998. This scholarship is for the children and grandchildren of NSU alumni to continue their family’s Northeastern tradition. The scholarship is awarded annually and goes to the deserving freshmen who are selected by the scholarship committee. This committee consists of members of the Alumni Association’s board of directors.

The selection committee will seek out well-rounded individuals who meet the required 3.0 cumulative GPA requirement. Candidates with a history of diverse extracurricular activities and earnest community involvement will also be taken into consideration. Although the scholarship is available for all incoming first time freshman, preference will be given to applicants that are the children of active NSU Alumni Association members. 

The Alumni Association is proud to make an investment in the legacy’s future. This is done by providing a myriad of features and benefits with membership, while also encouraging the growth and development of future NSU graduates. Those awarded may also be considered for future scholarships awarded by the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

RiverHawk Legacy Program

This program is for children from birth to 16 years of age. NSU created this branch of the legacy program trifecta to introduce the children and grandchildren of NSU alumni to both the history and traditions of Northeastern State.

Available exclusively for annual dues-paying or lifetime members of the Alumni Association, this program offers children the opportunity to become acquainted with NSU and feel welcome as part of the NSU family. Legacies will receive free RiverHawk branded cards and gifts each year on their birthday’s that will be mailed to the address of the Alumni Association member that registered them.

RiverHawk Baby Bibs

NSU offers proud new parents and grandparents the opportunity to show off their bundles of joy through the Future RiverHawk baby bibs. By going to the website at, the Alumni Association will send you a free “Future RiverHawk” baby bib and will automatically enroll your child or grandchild in the RiverHawk Legacy Program if you are an active member of the association.

NSU would also love to see your baby wearing the bib, you may send a photograph to This photograph may be featured in future alumni publications, which is another great way to inform fellow alumni about the newest addition to the family.

Published: 6/25/2014 2:57:23 PM

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