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NSU joins EPA Food Recovery Challenge

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) -- As a new participant in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Challenge, Northeastern State University has pledged its commitment to sustainable food management practices.

The challenge, which is part of the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program, encourages organizations to prevent and divert wasted food. By participating, NSU will continue its efforts to reduce waste and be more financially responsible by purchasing and preparing the amount of product needed to serve the NSU community.

Directory of Auxiliary Services Chris Adney said NSU was already taking steps to be more sustainable, participating in the Food Recovery Challenge shows the institution’s commitment on paper.

“We’ve already taken steps on our own in recent years to reduce food waste.” he said.

Some ways NSU is already practicing sustainable food management include removing trays from the cafeteria, cooking in small batches rather than mass quantities, and having appropriate size plates at each station instead of one large plate that could be used as a vehicle to waste food.

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Published: 10/26/2017 2:48:41 PM

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