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NSU food pantry now offering clothes, school supplies to students in need

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) -- Northeastern State University’s student food bank, RiverHawk Food Pantry, is expanding on the Tahlequah campus into the newly named Rowdy’s Resource Room to offer students in need a larger variety of assistance.

In addition to food and hygiene items, Rowdy’s Resource Room will provide clothes, school and cleaning supplies at no cost to students in need.

Student committee members Skye Boyce and Pate Thomas agreed they would like to see Rowdy’s Resource Room expand even further to benefit more students with more campus awareness.

“I would also like for us, in the future, to be able to partner with other community organizations to create bigger drives and to expand our efforts to be able to give back to the community that does so much for Northeastern,” Thomas said.

“The two major motivations for donors we find when they give to Rowdy’s Resource Room are to help others that may be in need and to cut down on the waste that is produced when usable items are discarded,” coordinator Jacob Patrick said.

Accepted donations include food, hygiene items, school supplies, new or gently used clothing and business attire for all sizes.

“The resource room relies upon donations,” Thomas said. “It is the only way for us to acquire the items to provide to students in need.”

Donations can be made at the Resource Room, at the new location in Leoser behind the Chatterbox and by Pizza Hut Express, any time it’s open. For more information on Rowdy’s Resource Room, contact Jacob Patrick at

Published: 5/26/2017 2:27:25 PM

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