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NSU, CSC enter into Reverse Transfer Agreement

Office of Communications & Marketing | Northeastern State University
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- Northeastern State University and Connors State College came together Monday, Nov. 11 at the NSU-Muskogee campus at 1:30 p.m. for the signing event of their newest academic agreement. The two institutions of higher education have collaborated in an effort that can be extremely beneficial to former CSC students who have transferred to NSU.

This agreement allows both currently enrolled NSU students, as well as potential students, to transfer the credits they obtained from NSU back to CSC in order to complete CSC’s requirements for an associate degree. This process is referred to as a Reverse Transfer.

“I am pleased to sign the Reverse Transcript Agreement with President Tim Faltyn of Connors State College,” said Dr. Steve Turner, NSU President. “This action is a natural progression of the partnership between Northeastern State University and Connors. The students, appropriately so, are the big winners. They can transfer back hours earned at NSU to CSC to be applied to an Associate degree. This effort certainly supports Governor Fallin’s Complete College Oklahoma Initiative.”

Each institution will allow employees to access directory information of students who are eligible for the associate degree completion program, while maintaining the confidentiality requirements under the FERPA Act. NSU will provide a list to CSC of all former students who have transferred to NSU since the previous semester. Staff at CSC will then have an opportunity to contact these students with the purpose of explaining this agreement and see if they are interested in participating.

Students will be responsible for initializing all transcript requests for submission to CSC, at which point CSC personnel will determine if students are eligible for the associate degree. There will be trained employees on each campus to assist students complete the process.

NSU will provide instructions for requesting transcripts for submission to CSC at the end of every semester. Once semester grades post, the credit for the NSU class can be posted to the student’s official CSC transcript. Connors will then conduct a degree audit and students who meet all degree requirements will be eligible to receive an associate degree from CSC.

Each institution will maintain the integrity of their separate programs and enter into this agreement as equal partners.

“I’m very proud of the hard work that has gone into making this program a reality,” said Connors State College President Dr. Tim Faltyn. “This program will help change the lives of many people by allowing them to continue their education and earn a degree.”
This agreement became effective upon the signing of the agreement by Chief Academic Officers for each institution. The reverse transfer agreement was signed by Turner and Faltyn, and commenced immediately thereafter.

Published: 11/11/2013 3:54:31 PM

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