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Alumna Kiger named 2013-14 Oklahoma Elementary Principal of the Year

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- Northeastern State University alumna, Theresa Kiger, principal at Roy Clark Elementary School, has been named the 2013-2014 Oklahoma Elementary Principal of the Year.
Kiger said this award is a perfect example of how a school and a community can rally together for the needs of the students.
“I could not have done this by myself,” said Kiger. “This is more of a representation of the culture at Roy Clark. We are going to do whatever it takes to assure all the kids have an opportunity, no matter what your economic situation.”
Kiger received a bachelor's degree in elementary education with an early childhood emphasis and a master's degree in educational leadership from NSU.
Roy Clark Elementary is part of the Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative. Community schools develop partnerships between the school and its local community by providing not only academics to its students, but also social and health development programs to the community.  
“I think it is a representation of the teachers, support staff, parents, and the community all working together for a common goal and that is to make sure that every child needs are met,” said Kiger.
Dr. Stephan Sargent, assistant professor of reading and literature at NSU, said Kiger is instrumental in the preparation of teachers at NSUBA in the reading program.
“She is actively involved in the READ 4063 course and has provided space weekly to us for our students for the past nine years,” said Sargent.
Kiger said she absolutely loves her NSU students.
“Having NSU students here, talking about current research, builds such a huge bridge between the actual classroom and the work we do when we go to college,” said Kiger. “Clark is such a diverse school with so many different levels of literacy, no matter what age the child is. Each NSU student is able to work with each child.”
Kiger said she has already committed to hiring two teacher candidate interns to join the Roy Clark staff next fall.
“It’s important when we are talking to new graduates that they understand that this school is a challenge and that there is some hard work ahead for them down the road,” said Kiger. “But they will be supported and nurtured during that journey, and have a school that cares for them and wants them to be successful.”
“That is part of the culture here at Roy Clark,” said Kiger.

Published: 3/29/2013 4:07:53 PM

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