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NSU honors 79 spring initiates of Rho Theta Sigma

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) -- Northeastern State University’s oldest honor society, Rho Theta Sigma, welcomed an assembly of 79 spring initiates during its spring banquet March 23.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Kristopher Copeland, shared four important life lessons with the new initiates. He discussed the importance of asking questions, finding a mentor, listening and being willing to push oneself.

Established on the Tahlequah campus in the 1920s, Rho Theta Sigma honors students with high achievements in all disciplines. It currently possesses in excess of 5,000 members.

These initiates, from multiple majors, graduate and undergraduate colleges, and diverse collegiate backgrounds, have all met the requirements of a 3.4 GPA for two full-time semesters or a 3.6 GPA for one full-time semester and a dedication to life-time membership and commitment to the organization’s principles and codes.

Officers elected at the Spring Initiation for the 2017-18 academic year include: Preston Patrick, president; Courtney Langley, vice president; and Kelsey Kellogg, secretary. Dr. Daniel Hansen Memorial Scholarships were awarded to Kelsey Combs, Katie Easter, Stacey Murray and Emily Popp.

Faculty sponsors for Rho Theta Sigma include Craig Clifford, Sally Armstrong, Martha Parrott, Kin Thompson and Jim Hicks.

New Rho Theta Sigma initiates:

Courtnye M. Neice

Broken Arrow
Stephanie Bahara
Allen E. Dixon, Jr.
Hayley Fischer
Whitney Richburg
Alexis Bianca Riera
Jammie Leticia Rodriguez
Luke Schwarz
Olivia Webb
Haylie Michelle Hickmann
Vivian Huynh

Dawn Schuermann
Caleb Nichols

Austin Tackett

Grace Jansen

Shelby Burns
Morgan Craig
Natalie McAllister

Rebecca Ford
Emily Nicole Rodriguez Popp

Gwen Amanda Gregory

Kyla Amanda Carter
Rhianna Pierce
Ruby Earlene Dean

Tara Michelle Looney
Stacey Murray

Kelsey Promise Kellogg

Sherie Lynn Jones

Park Hill
Jamicia Lyn Tramel
Kandace Haulmark

Haley Dawn Copeland

Abbey Stephens

Mollie Hearn

Jessica Lyn Owens
Garren Walker

Sand Springs
Rachel M. Ellis
Gunnar Phillips
Amanda Skinner

Samantha Watson

Siloam Springs
Edie Martin

Jayci Jones

Kelsey Combs
Grant Crigar
Katie Easter
Savannah J. Farmer
Allison Furlong
Preston Patrick
Misty Rife
Taylor Roedenbeck
Caroline Rowland
Ciera Nicole Steen
Aubry J. Stomprud
John Timothy
Brittany Waters
Kahlai  Zerand Harman
Kaydee Hutchinson
Adam Kaney
Amanda Lamberson
Courtney Langley
Ryan LeCrone
Cheyenne Marshall
Gabrielle Rose McCracken
Lauren McFarland
Mason McMillan
Hannah Michael
Michaela Elizabeth Daniels
Paige Michelle Garvin
Alyssa Preston

Jamie Lea Adams
Hannah Curtis
Kevonna J. Green
Austin Peery
Jessica Erin Ward
Tonya Hudson
Teresa Kimbley
Kirstien Lindley

Destiny Matthews

Webbers Falls
JoEllen M. Thompson
Judge Dawes Muskrat

For more information, please contact Rho Theta Sigma Senior Sponsor Dr. Craig Clifford at 918-444-3002.

Published: 4/13/2017 2:06:08 PM

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