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"Bathroom" provides $37,500 for alumnus

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -- Where do women find it most annoying to be cut in line?

Given the choices of bathroom, post office, grocery store and buffet, Northeastern State University alumnus Jerrod Murr had a good idea.

He answered "bathroom" and won $37,500 on the game show Let's Ask America.

"My success on the show involved just going with my gut," said Murr, who graduated from NSU in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. "I didn't over-think anything. I went with whatever first came to mind."

Let's Ask America airs during weekday afternoons on NBC in about 20 markets. Contestants play from home via Skype and – much like Family Feud – are asked to guess what answer the greatest number of people gave in a survey.

The contestant correctly answering the most questions wins the most money and, at game's end, can walk away or wager part of the winnings for an equal return – or all of the cash for a 500 percent payout.

Murr wagered all of his $7,500.

"I was recommended to the show by another NSU alumnus, Ryan Eller ('06, '08)," Murr said. "He said if I made it to the end I should go for the full wager. So did my wife, so I had a couple of great teammates cheering me on."

Originally from Oktaha, Murr now lives in Muskogee where he is a youth pastor at Muskogee First Assembly and founder-director of the 20 Leadership Camp for teens.

While attending NSU Murr was a member of the President's Leadership Class. He met his wife, Jenn (Foster) Murr, also a 2004 graduate, in PLC.

Noting that his appearance on the game show was due to a friendship forged at NSU, Murr credits his years at the university for opening doors of opportunity.

"Any pursuits or activities of mine over the last 10 years are due to relationships and a great deal of those are tied to NSU," he said. "The great benefit of attending Northeastern is not just the piece of paper, but also the connections and friendships I have now because of my time there."

Murr expressed gratitude to Eller for his recommendation to Let's Ask America. Eller has also been a contestant, but his episode has yet to be shown.

"The show's contract insists that contestants keep the results of their participation secret until the episodes air," Murr said. "I have no idea how he did. I guess we'll wait and see."

Published: 10/10/2012 10:47:39 AM

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