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NSU’s Thompson receives OTIA Lifetime Achievement Award

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma)--Northeastern State University’s Hospitality and Tourism Management assistant professor, Kin Thompson received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association’s annual Redbud Awards Gala this May.

The gala was held as part of the 2016 Oklahoma Conference on Tourism. Some 32 awards were given to accomplished awardees that evening, including Outstanding Agritourism Attraction, Best Social Media Campaign, Best Brochure or Publication, and Outstanding New Event.

“To say I was completely blown away in receiving this award is an understatement,” Thompson said.

Thompson served on the board of the Oklahoma Tourism Industry Association and said he thought he knew who was receiving the award this year.

“They did an excellent job of keeping it from me. I honestly work with the greatest group of people I could imagine and they are a real family for me.”

The prestigious Lifetime Award is presented annually by AAA Oklahoma and is designed to recognize a tourism professional who has spent decades working in and improving Oklahoma’s travel industry.

Thompson loves to brainstorm in tourism meetings. He explained that he helped clarify strategies for bringing funding and tourists to new and exciting tourism attractions.

Thompson is the president of the Tahlequah Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, has served on several tourism boards, and was president of the Green Country Marketing Association and the Oklahoma Tourism Industry Association.

“It’s allowed me to network across the state, making connections for our current students and our alumni. This has helped me to place our graduates in rewarding careers in the hospitality industry.”

Thompson credits the world’s love of tourism, Oklahoma’s new attractions and the unique, special, older attractions, too.

“Oklahoma is a great state, rich in art, culture, and adventure.”

Published: 7/18/2016 12:18:56 PM

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