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Sunny came home: NSU freshman follows in family's footsteps

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma)--Sunny Bennett is the latest recipient of the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship at Northeastern State University.

This fall, she will be joining NSU as a third generation student, making her legacy parents Scott and Stephanie Bennett and legacy grandparents Charles and Bernardine Welch very proud.

“They are thrilled that I am following their footsteps at the university they love. My grandparents went to NSU in the 60s and parents were students in the late 80s and early 90s. My grandparents and my mom were Education majors and my dad majored in Criminal Justice,” Sunny said.

Sunny plans to major in English Education, keeping her choice of major within the family circle.

“Since most of my family are teachers, I have learned that through education anything is possible. I want to be a role model for my students and inspire them to learn anything they can.”

The Pryor, Oklahoma native also has big plans to get involved with some of the clubs and programs at NSU.

“I am looking forward to participating in the honors program and being involved in the Future Alumni Network. I'm excited to explore the other clubs and community service projects NSU has to offer.”

After visiting the campus, Sunny knew it would be an ideal place for her to take the next step in her education.

“I have been to the Tahlequah campus before and I loved it. Its rich history makes the campus a unique place to live and learn for the next four years.”

The Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship is a four-year award, giving $1,500 per year toward tuition, books and accommodation.Recipients are selected by the alumni board committee, and applicants must be first-time entering freshmen and have parents and/or grandparents who graduated from NSU.

For more information, visit the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship.

Published: 7/14/2016 9:14:55 AM

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