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NSU Speech-Language Pathology program to receive gift from Tulsa Scottish Rite group – July 1

(Muskogee, OK)--The Tulsa Scottish Rite of Freemasonry will present a one-time gift of $3,800 to the Northeastern State University Speech-Language Pathology program on July 1, at 1 p.m. on the Muskogee campus. Dr. Karen Patterson, program chair and Speech-Language Pathology professor, said that this gift of support from the Scottish Rite group is new, but the Scottish Rite has a long history of supporting children’s speech and language programs.

“This generous gift will enable our program to provide services for people who might not be able to afford the cost of speech therapy programs,” Patterson said.

The Tulsa Scottish Rite is part of an international organization of Scottish Rite Freemasons who meet regularly to help their communities, such as Tulsa, explained Matthew Cargill, General Secretary of The Tulsa Scottish Rite. Cargill said the main philanthropy of the Scottish Rite is childhood speech and language assistance.

“We feel that the NSU Speech-Language Pathology program is very well deserving and will serve the population of Oklahoma far into the future. This is an investment in both the NSU student’s success, as well as the clients that NSU serves,” Cargill said.

The Speech-Language Pathology program has a mission of providing pre-professional undergraduate education leading to a Bachelor of Science as a prerequisite for admission to a master’s degree program in communication disorders and providing graduate education leading to a Master of Science with the academic and clinical practicum experience necessary to meet requirements for licensing and certification.

For more information about the Speech-Language Pathology program, please contact Patterson at or visit Speech-Language Pathology Program online.

Published: 6/29/2016 11:29:26 AM

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