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Flexible schedules available for Healthcare Administration degree

NSU's degree option in healthcare administration offers students more than a bachelor's degree. It offers a variety of options into healthcare careers where graduates can thrive in a variety of departments in health service organizations.

"I was a medical receptionist in a doctor's office and had earned an associate's degree in science," said Elise Steinberg, Beggs junior. "I wanted a bachelor's degree, I liked administration and I wanted to be on a medical path with my degree."

Elise did not have to look far because her stepmother was already pursing a healthcare administration degree from NSU.

"I am a traditional student and take all my classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I have the option of going at night," said Elise.

Georgia Steinberg moved to Tulsa from California after 30 years of working in the medical and legal profession she took a job in technology.

"I was an administrative assistant in technical sales," said Georgia. "I loved the customer service and hated the technology. I saw what NSU had to offer in heathcare administration and thought it was perfect for me."

Georgia attends classes at Tulsa Community College during the day to complete her general education requirements and the NSU Broken Arrow campus at night to work on her healthcare administration courses.

NSU's healthcare administration degree strives to prepare individuals to train to become a health service manager with the ability to manage departments and programs in all aspects of health service organizations, according to its web page.

"This degree will provide evidence-based business operations in health service organizations, said Dr. Shae Foutch, coordinator of healthcare administration and associate professor of business administration.

Both of the Steinbergs agree that NSU's healthcare administration degree is the way of the future.

"This is where the future jobs are and the salary potential growth," said Georgia. "A person can go into any area he/she wants with the healthcare administration degree. It can be medical or social."

For more information, email the healthcare administration recruiter at or call 918 444-2946.

More information on the Healthcare Administration program.

Published: 1/25/2012 11:19:23 AM

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