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Special Message from the President - Inclement Weather

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February 9, 2011

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

As most of your know by now, NSU will re-open for work and class at 11:00AM tomorrow.

Some of you have expressed your concerns and objections via social media and the NSU website this evening.

Our opening tomorrow is based on the readiness of our campuses to accommodate us, and on an evaluation of the general conditions in the region. There are great variations in these conditions throughout eastern Oklahoma.

That is why the notices are explicit in urging each of you to use your good judgment to assess your individual situation. If the conditions around you or on your route pose a serious risk, then do not travel. I understand that the Jay and Spavinaw areas received from 15-25 inches of new snow. I do not expect to see anyone from those communities and the surrounding areas on our campuses tomorrow.

A few of you are mentioning that if you do not come to class, you will be disadvantaged or lose credit in the course. You should contact your instructor directly and explain your situation. We are asking all NSU faculty to extend extra consideration to students who find themselves in unfavorable circumstances. We further expect that each faculty member will devise ways for students to make up missed assignments or exams. I know that many of our faculty communicate regularly with students via Blackboard and other media and have devised pathways for advancing learning in their courses during these challenging days. Connecting directly with your instructors is the most effective way to proceed.

But also understand that we have faculty, staff and students who are able to safely attend classes, including many who live on or adjacent to our campuses. The roads, and especially side streets and rural roads, may be difficult, but traffic on main streets is moving again. Caution is most helpful in such circumstances. Tonight will be unusually cold, but tomorrow should be sunny and the later start gives is extra time to make the journey.

Based on the forecast, we plan to open all three campuses at the regular times on Friday. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, we will communicate via all the methods we have been using for the past few weeks.

This has not been a typical Oklahoma winter, and no one can predict if we have seen the last of the inclement weather. Each of the days we have closed thus far was based on a thorough review of the conditions and a best possible judgment at the time. We will continue to review and decide with the welfare of our university community squarely in mind.

Let me be clear. If you believe that you cannot safely travel to one of our campuses tomorrow, exercise good judgment and do not come.

My sincere best wishes,

Don Betz

Published: 2/9/2011 10:12:46 PM

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