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NSUBA course uses hands-on approach to prepare students for job market

Image of NSU Junior Audree Johnson.NSU junior Audree Johnson spoke to students at Edison Preparatory School on how to get into college. Johnson fulfilled the final exam for a NSUBA course in business communication by networking with the school and planning and executing the presentation.

Students enrolled in Ken Jones’s business communication class at Northeastern State University-Broken Arrow take a unique final exam that could help more than just their grade, but their future. The students must venture out into the working world, find the business market they aspire to be a part of and deliver a presentation in hopes of landing the job of their dreams.

“The student defines the project based on their passions,” said Jerrett Phillips, director of enrollment management services.

Audree Johnson’s passion was to go back to her alma mater at Edison Preparatory School in Tulsa and give a presentation to the students on why they should go to college. Johnson, a junior at NSUBA, said that though she still needs to sort out what her plans are after graduation, she is extremely proud to be graduating from NSU.

“Going to NSU has not only allowed me to find who I am as a student, but is also teaching me what to expect when I get into the career field I am pursing,” said Johnson.

The College of Business and Technology at NSUBA collaborates with Enrollment Management and Career Services to help develop the criteria needed for the students to better market themselves in a highly competitive and saturated business market.

“When we put them into a situation where they are out dealing with people in the industry or the community, the networking process on these projects is so powerful, they had better have their resumes ready to go,” said Ken Jones, NSUBA instructor of information technology.

Career Services helps play a crucial part in the student’s journey to post-college employment. Role playing scenarios, collaborating with businesses and using software to assist in generating a credible portfolio and resume are a few of the activities that career services offers to help mold students into professional candidates for employment.

The students complete online portfolios, build professional resumes, design cover letters and conduct mock job interviews.

“These students, once they finish this class and these projects, are truly ready for the job market,” said Gayle Anderson, career services coordinator.

Jones said that so far, 15 students from this semester’s class have already received job offers, promotions and internships based on their ability to have their resume ready and networking capability established.

Johnson gave a presentation to the students titled, “Steps to get to the college of your dreams”. Her platform focused on how to achieve good grades, filling out college and FAFSA forms and taking extra steps early to ensure that the trek to college is strong and steady path.

“Don’t just fill out one college application to where you want to go. You need to fill out at least three applications to different colleges. What if your college has you on a wait list? What if you don’t get in? You need to be prepared,” said Johnson.

Johnson, who is an Information Systems major, said she doesn’t have career plans after graduation just yet. She has a year left of college, and doesn’t want to put any limits on where she may end up.

“I am a young and very determined person; I can do anything that I set my mind to," said Johnson. "I tell kids all the time, be flexible and always have a positive attitude." 

Published: 12/10/2010 8:01:57 AM

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