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NSUBA to host forum of District 1 candidates

Northeastern State University-Broken Arrow will host a forum of candidates for Oklahoma Congressional District No. 1 in the Building A Auditorium on July 22 at 6 p.m. Scheduled to attend are Republicans Fran Moghaddam, Patrick Haworth, Nathan Dahm, Kenneth Rice and Libertarian Angelia O'Dell. Organizers are Kenneth Sykes, vice president of the Northeastern Student Government Association at NSUBA , and Jim Dobbs.

"It's been worked on all summer," Sykes said. "We've called around and kept in contact with the candidates. We've put in the work orders, reserved the auditorium and kept NSU informed. I've also had a couple of meetings with Tulsa County Republican Party chair Sally Bell."

Sykes explained that the forum will open with introductions and 3-minute opening statements by each candidate. The candidates will each be given two minutes to answer questions as they are asked, then each receives a 3-minute closing statement.

"The audience will be able to ask questions," Sykes said. "If the audience is large we will pass around note cards and sort them. If it is a small we will give members the mic and let them ask questions directly."

Sykes said that incumbent Republican John Sullivan will not attend in person, but efforts are still being made to facilitate his attendance via telecast from Washington, D.C. 

Published: 7/15/2010 4:50:02 PM

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