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NSU presents the fall 2020 Science and Technology Seminar Series virtually

August 31, 2020

(Tahlequah, Oklahoma) - The fall 2020 Science and Technology Seminar Series at the Northeastern State University Tahlequah campus begins Sept. 2.

Presented by the Gregg Wadley College of Science & Health Professions and arranged by Dr. Mark Paulissen, professor of biology, the series includes speakers with topics of interest in six areas of study.

Sept. 2- “Colorful canaries reveal the mechanisms of avian coloration” presented by Matt Toomey, representing the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Tulsa.

Join on Zoom at https://nsuok.zoom.us/j/95707139405.

Sept. 16- “Affecting the microbiota to alter host health” presented by Abby Geis, representing the Department of Immunology, Microbiology & Pharmacology, Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Join on Zoom at https://nsuok.zoom.us/j/96183081693.

Sept. 30- “Restoring indigenous food systems to improve community health in Indian country” presented by Valarie Blue Bird Jernigan, representing the Center of Indigenous Health Research & Policy, Oklahoma State University center for Health Sciences.

Join on Zoom at https://nsuok.zoom.us/j/93681916304.

Oct. 14- “How do plants grow where they do? Using DNA sequences to look at ecological evolution in plants” presented by Abby Moore, representing the Department of Microbiology & Plant Biology/Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma.

Join on Zoom at https://nsuok.zoom.us/j/94166413483.

Oct. 28- “How Nebraska wetlands can help us better understand the threat of salinization on freshwater biodiversity” presented by William Mausbach, representing the Grand River Dam Authority.

Join on Zoom at https://nsuok.zoom.us/j/99756150866.

Nov. 11- “Preferential responses of metastatic cells to lysosomal inhibition” presented by Michael Morgan, representing the Department of Natural Sciences, Northeastern State University.

Join on Zoom at https://nsuok.zoom.us/j/97431593035.

Each one-hour lecture begins at 4 p.m. There is no charge to attend the seminar and the series and events are open to all who wish to attend.

For more information, contact Paulissen at paulisse@nsuok.edu.