Website Policy

Policy 1

Official NSU web pages follow NSU Policies for World Wide Web. Content is approved by the appropriate College, Department or administrative unit to which the individual page pertains. Links from the NSU “home page” are approved by the Office of University Relations and the Office Communications and Marketing after compliance with NSU WWW policies.

Policy 2

All document content must comply with copyright laws, obscenity laws, defamation laws, harassment laws, accessibility laws, the Right to Privacy Act, NSU standards and policies, and any appropriate Federal, State, or local laws regulating computer and telecommunications use. NSU equipment cannot be used for commercial, political or religious purposes. The sponsoring unit (i.e. Department) must provide written evidence of approval from their immediate supervisor. Appropriateness of content is the responsibility of the sponsoring unit.

Policy 3

Each individual who accesses external information via the World Wide Web is under the same policies developed for Internet usage:

  • The material contained in World Wide Web is not produced by NSU and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of NSU.
  • NSU does not control the content of World Wide Web.
  • World Wide Web is a product of an unrestricted, international, networked database.
  • Within this vast source of information the content of certain items may be offensive to some people.
  • As a potential consumer of these materials, you are expected to exercise appropriate judgment and sensitivity as to how the materials are used.
  • By using the World Wide Web you assume full responsibility for what you examine, post, and copy from this service.
  • Your actions while using this service must not violate University policies or federal, state, or local laws.

Policy 4

Northeastern State University reserves the right to remove any web pages that do not comply with the above statements or contain information that reflects negatively on NSU.

Policy 5

A contact person should be designated by the entity represented for each page on the NSU Web and that person will be responsible for keeping content up-to-date. Backup copies of posted information should be kept by the contact person.

Policy 6

Web Communications, a section of Digital Platforms under Communications and Marketing, can provide some assistance to NSU departments and organizations with the development of their web sites/pages.

Policy 7

All text materials submitted for inclusion on the NSU Web must be in a Word (.docx), Text (.txt), or Rich Text (.rtf) file. Supplied graphic materials must be provided as photographic prints or in GIF, PNG or JPG format. Navigational and theme graphics will be devised by the Web Team Coordinator, Office of Communications and Marketing.

Policy 8

Questions about attending NSU should be directed to: Admissions and Recruitment at

Policy 9

All materials for Official NSU Web pages must be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing before they are released.

Policy 10

Any questions regarding appropriate use on will be addressed by the Executive Officers of NSU.

Policy 11

NSU regards accessibility as a very important issue and is striving to make all main access pages on the main University sites ( compliant with Oklahoma's Accessible Electronic and Information Technology (EITA) law. Faculty, staff, University departments and organizations, as well as students are encouraged to learn more about Web accessibility and take the proper steps to make their web pages and sites compliant with Federal, State and Web laws. Some good resources are:

Web Standards

The Law

Internet Access Groups & Organizations

Validators, Screen Readers, Tools & Other Assistive Technologies

Policy 12

Each College/Department will have a web portal hosted on the NSU official server,

Policy 13

College/Department sites must be approved by the Dean of the College before it is submitted to the Web Team Coordinator for final review and approval.

Policy 14

Each College/Department is responsible for keeping information up-to-date on their web portal.