Fundraising Policy for Private Contributions

Fundraising Activity

All fundraising activities (events, mail solicitation, requests from external sources) must be cleared through the Office of Development at Northeastern State University. This will allow for greater coordination of fundraising activities, provide better stewardship of donors and protect the integrity of the University and the NSU Foundation.

Contributions from Fundraising Activities

All private contributions (cash, property, sponsorships, gifts-in-kind, etc.) made to benefit Northeastern State University must be endorsed to, and deposited with the Northeastern State University Foundation. Please contact the NSU Foundation for the guidelines for receiving contributions and deposit with the foundation.


All grant or appropriate contract funding will follow established guidelines in accordance with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Exceptions- Students and student groups may continue fundraising activities, unless they are requesting cash or products, without notification from the NSU Foundation (example- car washes, bake sales, etc.). Students soliciting products or cash for organization advancement or events must receive prior approval from the Office of Student Affairs.

Any fundraising activities that do not meet the above requirements must be reviewed with the Northeastern State University Office of Development.