University Planning Council (UPC)


The membership of the University Planning Council encompasses a broad spectrum of university stakeholders to encourage inclusion, collaboration and shared leadership. The membership includes 1 -Staff Council Member, 2 -3 Student Government Members from Tahlequah and BA, 1-2 HLC Reporting Members, 1-2 Faculty Council Members, 3-5 Administrative members, 5-8 At Large members (from nominations through an/open forum), Faculty Chairperson, the past Faculty Chairperson, and a Cabinet Sponsor. The Executive Council includes the Faculty Chairpersons, Faculty Council tenured representative, and 2-4 additional UPC members.


  • Encourage, assist, monitor and report on University Action Project Progress.
  • Facilitate the establishment of University-wide Priorities each year.
  • Review mission, vision, values and strategic goals each year.
  • Promote exchange with larger University community of plan and priorities and help identify talent for tasks.

History and Focus

The University Planning Council was formed in the spring of 2011, combining the responsibilities of the University Planning Group and the President’s Council. This consolidation reflected a shift in the planning process from a focus on enhancing Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Goals to a focus on implementing strategic priorities in the form of University Action Projects.

The University Planning Council’s current focus is on implementation of University Action Projects. These projects were selected through a comprehensive, campus wide process involving two-way communications with stakeholder groups in the university and through campus-wide University Assemblies in 2010 and 2011. The projects directly support implementation of NSU’s strategic goals.