UPG October 18, 2011 Summary Notes

This summary report includes:

October Agenda summary Notes

  • Opening comments – Dr. Tadlock Encouraged the committee to effectively review and prioritize action projects this fall.
  • Review and update status of existing University Action Projects : This was the highlight of the meeting. Reports had been received or provided verbally at the meeting for all projects. Summary comments are provided below for each project. A separate copy of detailed responses on the majority of the projects . The bottom line for the review is that our university action project teams and project development teams have made impressive progress in supporting the strategic goals of the university. There were only two projects that will require additional evaluation and prioritization relative to acquiring resources (Development Officers project and Plan to Reduce Carbon Footprint). Several members suggested a university assembly to update the campus on the progress made and to continue to engage the university community in the planning process.
  • Review Proposed UPC Process and Schedule/Executive Committee: This was a quick review of the process the UPC plans to follow through next summer. The key actions are noted below in "Preliminary planning for 2011/2012".
  • Review nominations for January 2012: Deferred.
  • Establish a team to evaluate the AQIP HLC planning process: The review team includes Kathy Reese & Jerret Phillips from the UPC, and Pam Fly. Kathy will contact Pam to confirm. The objective is to complete an evaluation of moving to the AQIP approach by early spring.
  • Preliminary planning for 2011/2012 actions: No action was taken – for action in future meetings, and discussion with the Executive Committee:

    • Nov/Dec formal priority project report to Cabinet and vetting bodies (chair),
    • Jan/Feb Relevance Review of Mission, Vision, Values & Goals – small teams for each goal – joint evaluation of changes in environment and impact on mission/vision/values (?),
    • Request report from Divisions on progress toward goals (exec committee - Feb?),
    • University input to priority process (open forum) – priority project update, invite new ideas/initiatives, address expectations and limitations (March),
    • Structure effective review/decision process including participants ( April),
    • Recommendation to the Cabinet (May?),
    • Consider integration with the budget – currently working on 2014 (exec comm.),
    • Evaluate processes and schedule;
  • Communication with stakeholder organizations, particularly NSGA, faculty council and staff council; general communication approach to the university as a whole: This is a high priority for the UPC, and will be incorporated into all future plans. UPC members who are also representatives of student government, faculty council or staff council are encouraged to update those bodies on the actions of the UPC. Dave Kern asked for assistance in addressing communication in the future. Alyssa Buckley volunteered to assist.
  • Open discussion of issues and opportunities: All attending thanked Dilene Crockett for moving the planning process forward over the last year, particularly the University Action Projects. David Koehn suggested that the Council consider efficiency and cost reduction programs in the future, noting the lack of projects that address this important issue. This will be addressed with the Executive Committee.

Summary University Action Project Notes

A: Priorities with No Additional Funding Needed

  1. Implement Banner Throughout University – David Koehn
    1. May 2012 Completion scheduled
  2. Complete Compensation Benchmark Study – David Koehn
    1. Cross- functional team in-place; may require external expertise – RFP in process.
  3. Roll-out BB9.4/Wimba (Know called Blackboard Collaborate) for Classroom – Chuck Ziehr
    1. 9.1 is fully implemented and functional – continual monitoring and updates still ongoing – continuing workshops – projected completion Fall 2011
    2. Collaborate is fully functional, but formal training begins in Nov – projected completion Spring 2012
  4. Create a NSU Civic Engagement Council – Laura Boren updated this project verbally;
    1. Substantial progress has been made; it is on track.

B: Priorities that will be resource-producing (next 5 years) but require investment now

  1. Hire Webmaster and Update Website Functionality – Mark Kinders
    1. Position approved, and search is underway with Dec 1 target.
    2. May require contract services.
  2. Student Success Team Planning – Jerrett Phillips and Laura Boren
    1. Draft Strategic Enrollment Mgt Plan is under review; Plans to implement Student Academic Success Center (title III); SIP grant.
  3. Development Officers Fundraising – Peggy Glenn
    1. See comprehensive report – multiple actions that will generate donations and resources for the university – still need 2 Development Officers and 1 support.

C: Priorities which are not resource-producing in the next 5 years but require investment

  1. Student Learning Coordinators Release Time - Janet Bahr
    1. Coordinators have been active in all colleges with a current opening in Liberal Arts
    2. Plans for a faculty development program – bring in an outside expert
  2. Plan to Reduce Carbon Footprint - Tim Foutch leader – Patti Buhl provided a verbal update
    1. There will be a need for investment in staff and outside expertise, which is currently under review, and will be updated for the Nov 18 meeting.

D: Priorities which are just now in the developmental stage

  1. Campus-wide Assessment – Tammy Willis leader – Laura Boren & Dilene Crockett verbal comments
    1. This project looks at the university in the broadest sense, outside the classroom and the administrative activities; a more thorough update will be provided in November.
  2. Administrative Prioritization/Personnel Efficiency Stud – David Koehn
    1. Under Cabinet direction - A draft document has been developed and approved by the Cabinet outlining the goals, procedures, and evaluation criteria
  3. Collaboration/Share Leadership – Denise Deason-Toyne
    1. The shared governance document is waiting on the Cabinet approval. This may still be considered a developmental project.
  4. Campus Destinations for Culture, Entertainment, Sports – Kin Thompson
    1. November organizing meeting scheduled with: Tony Duckworth, Phyllis Fife, Robin Parsley, Kathleen Kennedy, Amy Aldridge-Sanford,
  5. Native American/Indigenous Center – Ron Cambiano
    1. Grant received – revise Classification to Level A, and update information for the Nov meeting.
  6. Textbook Alternatives (student initiated) – Sheila Self –
    1. Additional information will be provided for the next meeting


Martin Tadlock
Craig Clifford
Dilene Crockett
Dave Kern
Olaf Standley
Christy Landsaw
Jerrett Phillips
Alyssa Buckley
Matt Cochran
Chris Adney
Martin Venneman
Kathleen Reese
Patti Buhl
Roger Collier
Deb Hyde
Kevin Stretch
David Scott
Rick Williams
Tierney Edwards
Sofia Price
Pamela Louderback

Cabinet Members and Guests: Laura Boren, Janet Bahr, Mark Kinders, David Koehn
Not attending with prior notice: Michelle Welch, Sheila Self