UPG November 18, 2011 Summary Notes

  • The committee confirmed that University Action Projects (UAP) are the primary drivers for achieving our strategic goals at the university level. University Action Projects were identified in a campus-wide process in the spring of 2011. UAPs will be re-evaluated annually in the spring, terminating completed projects and adding new projects.
  • Review Strategic Plan Website Update: The Strategic Plan Website is accessed through the Mission, Vision and Values link on the NSU Homepage. The website will be updated as per the attached structure. Needs to be updated as follows:

    • Simplified Strategic Goals with bullet points for University Action Projects (attachment).
    • One-page summaries of the University Action Projects (attachment ).
    • The committee approved the upgrade of two projects to University Action Projects: Global projects and Develop a Collegial Governance Policy for NSU.
    • Other pages with minor revisions: UPG to UPC; Introduction paragraph; Contact Us.
  • Consideration of Colleges and Division strategic projects in UPC reporting was deferred for later.
  • Update on Developmental Projects (Developmental Projects will be considered for future consideration as University Action Projects):

    • Administrative Prioritization/Personnel Efficiency Study - David Koehn and the cabinet are coordinating this project. This is a major effort for the university.
    • Develop Campus Destinations for Culture, Entertainment, Sports - The review team had its initial meeting on Nov 14, and will continue to meet in the spring – no action necessary at this time. Initial development team includes Kin Thompson, Tony Duckworth, Phyllis Fife, Robin Parsley, Kathleen Kennedy, and Amy Aldridge-Sanford.
    • Campus-wide Assessment – Tammy Willis has had an initial meeting to identify opportunities for this team, and will continue to meet in the spring. No action at this time.
    • Textbook Alternatives – A team was set up to structure this project and explore alternatives. The team includes Sheila Self, Megan Weaver and Sophia Price . A major concern is the high cost of text books.
  • Spring plans for New Ideas for University Action Projects
    • Brief update on University Action Projects was presented at the November 14 Assembly, which will be followed up by posting Strategic Plans and University Action Plans on the website in December.
    • Dave Kern will prepare a note to key stakeholder groups to identify potential priority projects in the spring. Criteria for University Action Projects will be included in the document. The potential projects will be distributed to the campus community for comment and feedback, including a university assembly. The objective of the process is to identify a few major projects to be added to the existing list as some of the current UAPs are completed. Submission of new ideas (February) will include comparison to the criteria, potential leaders/team members, resource requirements/sources, explanation why it should be a University Action Project, and potential key actions in the first year.
    • UPC and Cabinet Review are planned for March/April to select University Action Projects. Recommendation to the Cabinet (May).
  • Kathy Reese reported on the AQIP team's initial review of incorporating the AQIP approach into NSU"s Strategic Planning process, and integrating with our approach to University Action Projects. The team plans to report on findings and recommendations in March. Team members are Pam Fly and Jerrett Phillips. The team's initial review identified two approaches: Pathways and AQIP. A potential advantage of AQIP is in its ongoing methodology that engages the university in a series of projects. There are some similarities to the current UAP process, although the AQIP projects will be limited to approximately three and require external review of the projects prior to selection.

Attachments – website changes:

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