Northeastern State University Action Projects Request for Proposals to the University Community

The University Planning Council requests input from the Northeastern State Community in identifying potential new University Action Projects. University Action Projects fully support the Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Goals of the University. They require a high level of commitment from our leadership and form multiple organizations across the university.

There are several ways to provide input. One approach is to make a recommendation or provide input through representatives of Faculty Council, Student Government Association (Broken Arrow and Tahlequah), Staff Council, Chair Council, or Academic Council – this is the suggested approach. A second option is for other University organizations or individuals to submit a proposal by email ( Projects will be evaluated and selected in a joint meeting of the University Planning

Council and the Cabinet based on the following criteria:

  1. Project requires a high level of commitment and attention;
  2. Project is well-defined and has the potential to reach significant milestones within the year;
  3. Project requires attention and effort from multiple units across the university;
  4. Key stakeholders are committed to providing leadership for the project;
  5. Projects requiring additional funding will require the identification of funding sources.

The following statement, located on the NSU website under Mission, Vision and Values - Strategic Plan – Overview provides some background for this request.

Last year, university-wide priorities were identified, guided by the goals and pursued by teams that represented a cross-section of our University community. These priorities have been operationalized through the development of University Action Projects, which are being implemented through the efforts of individual action teams. The University Planning Council monitors implementation and provides a central focus for evaluating progress on existing projects, and for identifying and prioritizing potential new projects. In 2012, the Council will update current action projects and evaluate new potential action projects for future action. In this way, we intend to make this document a living, breathing plan which is reviewed and adjusted annually and pursued consistently.

Currently, there are twelve University Action Projects, which are located in the Mission, Vision and Values – Strategic Plan section of the NSU website. These projects are also linked to each of our Strategic Goals. 

Proposal Submissions and Input

Proposals (or questions) should be emailed to Dave Kern no later than April 15, using the University Action Project Proposal form (docx). You may also contact a member of the University Planning Council:

Dilene Crockett
Dave Kern
Olaf Standley
Christy Landsaw
Jerrett Phillips 
Alyssa Buckley
Matt Cochran  
Chris Adney
Martin Venneman
Michelle Welch
Tierney Edwards -
Megan Weaver –
Martin Tadlock
Kathleen Reese  
Patti Buhl
Roger Collier
Deb Hyde
Kevin Stretch
David Scott
Rick Williams  
Sheila Self
Pamela Louderback
Sofia Price -