Reconstitution of UPG

Consolidation of President’s Council, HLC Committees and UPG

New Group Named: University Planning Council
Reports to: Cabinet
Membership Terms: 2 years with rotation each year


Executive Committee

  • 1 -Cabinet Sponsor
  • 1 -Faculty Chair
  • 1 -Faculty Past Chair
  • 1 -Faculty Council tenured representative
  • + 2-4 identified from the general UPC membership

General UPC Membership

  • 1 -Staff Council Member
  • 2 -Student Government Members from Tahlequah and BA
  • 1-2 HLC Reporting Members
  • 3-5 Administrative Members
  • 5-8 At Large (from nominations/open forum)


  1. Encourage, assist, monitor and report on Priority Action Project Progress
  2. Facilitate the establishment of University-wide Priorities each year
  3. Update mission, vision, values and strategic goals each year
  4. Promote exchange with larger University community of plan and priorities + help
  5. identify talent for tasks