UAP updates April 6, 2012


This project is near completion, and will be reported as complete at the end of the Spring Semester. Major planned Milestones:

  • Advancement: April 2012
  • Continuing Education: May 2012
  • Degree Audit: December 2012 (this is an extension and represents ongoing adjustments)
  • Leader: David Koehn

Native American/Indigenous Center

The grant funding phase for developing the project is complete. Leader – Ron Cambiano

Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators

The November 2011 Review for the Student Learning Outcomes coordinators is still current. This is ongoing. All colleges have in place a Student Learning Coordinator. The new Student Learning coordinator for the College of Liberal Arts is Dr. Cheryl Van Den Handel. Dr. Pam Fly may be leading this project effective July 1 (previously Janet Bahr).

Complete Compensation Benchmark Study

A cross functional team of NSU employees has been working on this action item for the past year. Currently the team has determined that our current classification and compensation structure has significant shortcomings which make it difficult to set market rates by position (particularly staff positions) with any degree of confidence. It has also been determined that this is an area where external skills and expertise would be very useful in assisting us in arrive at a best practices classification and compensation system, benchmarked to the market. An RFP has been prepared, vendors evaluated and a selection made. The next phase of this project with the external consultants should begin in early April 2012.

Evaluation of positions, development of a classification system, and market pay analysis should be completed sometime in the early summer timeframe. The next milestone is completion of an employee evaluation system, which should be completed in the mid fall timeframe. The final milestone will be the development of multi year salary budget request based upon the new classification and market analysis. This phase should be completed by late winter to early spring for consideration by the Budget Committee for FY14 budget planning.

Resources for the consultant contract have been secured from one time funds. Any potential salary requests as an outcome of this process will need to go to the Budget Committee for inclusion in the university budget planning. Leader – David Koehn

Strategic Enrollment Plan

The Strategic Enrollment Plan has been submitted to the President’s Cabinet for review. Upon feedback, the Student Success Team will revise or implement the action phase of the plan. The project is continuing and will need university resource investment. Resources are represented in human capitol as well as a student fee request to support initiatives.

Development Officers for Each College

In 2010-11, the NSU Foundation invested in a public records search and rating system of 5,000 current and potential donors through a service called “Wealth Engine.” We only have 3 FTE development officers [Director of Development, College of Education, Athletics (1/2 FTE) and Optometry (1/2 FTE)] to reach approximately 800 potential donors. We have developed an “A list” of approximately 60 donors. After the resignation of the Director of Annual Giving, that position’s job duties were reallocated to existing staff. Salary savings will be used to hire a new Development Officer in 2012-13, thereby reducing our request to the UPC by one position ($51,060 for salary & benefits).

Throughout the next six months, the above team will be visiting with the “A list” members and others who have indicated interest in or are affiliated with a particular project or college. In addition, we will be making targeted appeals to others on the Wealth Engine list.

At this point, we do not have the resources to hire one additional development officer and a back office coordinator. Any funds provided by the University for these purposes would result in additional resources for NSU through the NSU Foundation. Annual funding for these positions would be needed beyond 2012-13, but the cost would be recouped several times over by the University through additional funding for programs and projects. With entry-level development officers, our consultants (Gardner & Associates) estimate that for each year they are employed, they can bring in that multiple of their full cost (salary, benefits, and expenses), which is estimated at $62,560 each. Thus, in year 2, they would be expected to bring in donations totaling 2 times their full cost, and so on for each year thereafter, up to 5 times their full cost.

Roll-out Blackboard 9.1/Collaborate

This project is virtually complete. Building on work completed in 2011, the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Suite has been successfully launched and integrated with Banner to provide a more seamless process for faculty and student use. CTL coordinators and the online instructional designer have participated in training to better support faculty needs. Workshops, demonstrations, and other faculty development opportunities will continue as part of the regular CTL offerings and to enhance faculty use of interaction tools, audio conferencing, and resources.

More publicity about Collaborate will be provided to the NSU community in November, and CTL will offer a series of workshops for faculty and staff about how to us the instant messaging, voice tools, and videoconferencing capabilities of Collaborate.

Create a NSU Civic Engagement Council

  1. The NSU Civic Engagement Council met February 28, 2012 to review the council charge and begin dialog on university wide efforts related to civic engagement. Top work priorities were established by the group: Adopt a University definition of Academic Service Learning. Once the Council agrees on a proposed definition, we will need to vet it by Faculty Council and Academic Council for confirmation.
  2. Better understand civic engagement activity occurring across the University.
  3. Implement a celebration of civic engagement.
  4. Centralized reporting mechanism for civic engagement activities.

The Council will focus on the initial work priorities for the next six months. The information gathered from the priorities will lead the Council in evaluating pre-existing programs and services for the 2015 Carnegie Community Engagement Classification. The next phase will identify program and service gaps that need to be addressed in order to qualify for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification.

Plan to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Major milestones/actions over the last 3-6 months:

  • The addition of (2) Hybrid vehicles to the University fleet
  • Acquisition of land to establish a community garden, sustainable student housing, and sustainable research

Planned major milestones or actions over the next 6 months.

  • Procure and implement STARS
  • Formal creation of university wide recycling program
  • Continue ongoing efforts to add Hybrid vehicles to our FLEET

International study abroad

The project was completed with the signing of the NSU Cooperative Agreement with King George International College on 8 March 2012. Projected potential benefits associated with this project include increased international student enrollment at NSU at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, increased study abroad opportunities for NSU domestic students, increased visibility of the plethora of NSU's international programs in the the U.S. and abroad, an increased number of international scholars and researchers visiting NSU, new partnerships with a variety of international institutions, increased work-abroad cooperative education opportunities for NSU students, and the creation of NSU satellite academic programs in international venues. Leader – Richared Carhart

Hire Webmaster and Update Website Functionality

The new "Web Strategist" has been hired and we are in the middle of launching a new business model within University Relations involving integration of Communications and Marketing with Web Strategy and Applications under a new customer driven model. We will have substantial changes in the web appearance and also addition of more user-friendly, pro-active and customer driven services for the entire university.

A new "C&M Online Store" will launch with a protocol hopefully in mid April that will provide print media templates, photos and other resources for posters, cards, evites, book markers, etc. available to all NSU web users. We are also developing a video online store with video footage, video links, etc. all on the shelf for users from which they can create draft video presentations, etc. In both print and video mediums we will have protocols for 24/7 access, targeted 24/72 turn around all being based on our new business model. It will not happen over night but we will purposefully move all elements forward for best in class products and services.

The Online Store should be launched no later than April 20th. Major enhancements in visual components on the web will be in the next 120 days and by virtue of the fact I was not satisfied with the vendor, last Friday I ordered final payment to the vendor and they no longer are associated with us. Our new web strategist along with the internal team are now in charge of what I have called the "Web Up" and with a very pro-active user friendly process, a new approach is soon to be launched for what cannot be seen as a "build out" because a web system is never built out, it is fluid, ever changing and should always be moving in a "Web Up" direction. That process rolls out by the end of May, 2012. We will have a strong marketing program to inform and educate staff and faculty of the program that will roll out in May with strong emphasis on staff support through the summer and fall semester. Leader -- Jerry Cook.

Develop a Collegial Governance Policy for NSU

Pending action by the Cabinet. Leader – Densie Deason-Toyne

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