UPG April 5, 2012 Summary Notes

Called to order: 2:32 p.m.
Adjourned approximately 3:10 p.m.
BALA 114 and TQ SH204


  • Updates from 2011 University Action Project Leaders;
  • Transitions for 2012 and preparation for identifying new members;
  • Scheduling and planning for a review of new University Action Project Proposals;
  • AQIP and new University action projects.

Summary of discussions

Updates - University Action Projects

All leaders submitted updates of the projects (see attached overall summary). 

  • Four projects will be successfully completed in the next few months.  Note that there will be ongoing enhancements to the basic project; however, the project has essentially achieved its objective and no longer requires attention by the UPC and full cabinet. 
    • Implementation of Banner throughout University
    • Roll-out Blackboard 9.1/Wimba
    • Expand International study abroad
    • Hire Webmaster and Update Website Functionality                 
  • Two projects have completed a major phase and will be restructured for the next phase:
    • Native American/Indigenous Center
    • Add Student Learning Outcomes Coordinators
  • Five Projects that have made significant progress, but will require additional time and leadership include:
    • Compensation Benchmark Study
    • Strategic Enrollment Plan
    • Development Officers for Each College
    • Create a NSU Civic Engagement Council                 
    • Plan to Reduce Carbon Footprint                 
  • A project pending review/approval at the Cabinet level:
    • Develop a Collegial Governance Policy for NSU                 

Transitions – Cabinet Sponsor

Dr. Tadlock advised that the Cabinet has not addressed his replacement as Cabinet Sponsor to the University Planning Council. 

Transitions – rotating members

Dave Kern asked for volunteers (use emails) to make up a nominating task force that would begin working on replacing roughly half the members of the UPC who are rotating off in December, 2012. This rotation is designed to bring new energy into the UPC and to encourage leadership development in providing opportunities. The document identifying the make-up of the UPC is attached.  It requires a mix of representatives from key organizations and general representatives from the university population. Term Expires January 2013: Dilene Crockett, Dave Kern, Olaf Standley, Christy Landsaw, Jerrett Phillips, Alyssa Buckley, Matt Cochran, Chris Adney, Martin Venneman, Michelle Welch, Tierney Edwards, Megan Weaver, Sofia Price.                                   

New University Action Projects

The request for proposals was sent to each major stakeholder organization in mid-March requesting submissions by April 15, with some follow-up meetings with Dave Kern. At least one organization was granted a short extension to correspond with their schedule. We have encouraged each organization to review, revise, evaluate and recommend projects that they strongly believe in and that meet the criteria provided in the request for proposal (attached). An all campus email was sent in mid-March requesting proposals through the key organizations, but also encouraged individual submissions to Dave Kern. 

Joint Cabinet and UPC Working Session –  May

Consistent with last years process, the Cabinet and UPC membership will review, evaluate and rank the proposed new projects. There was a general consensus that May was preferable to June, and that we should not wait until the fall.  The Cabinet will be contacted to discuss meeting between May 15-25, if possible. Proposals will be sent to all UPC and Cabinet members prior to the meeting to evaluate based on our criteria, and to rank/evaluate. 


A decision is pending on AQIP and Pathways. No information was available on the decision date for making the choice.  


Dilene Crockett
Dave Kern
Olaf Standley
Christy Landsaw 
Jerrett Phillips
Alyssa Buckley
Matt Cochran 
Ron Cambiano
Martin Tadlock
Kathleen Reese
Patti Buhl
Kevin Stretch
Rick Williams
Pamela Louderback
Sofia Price
Roger Collier

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