Plan to Reduce Carbon Footprint

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Project Name & Goal(s) Supported Action Project Leader Projected Completion Date Additional Budget Required Progress Toward Completion
Plan to Reduce Carbon Footprint
Goal #2: Build a Sustainable campus and communities
Classification C: Requires Funding
Tim Foutch TBD 2012: TBD
2013: TBD
2014: TBD
Initial Stage

I. Brief Description & Significant Changes in Plans (if any):

  • Implement procedural, cultural and environmental change to effectively reduce the University‚Äôs carbon footprint to include FLEET conversion to Hybrid & CNG vehicles.
  • Purchase and Implement STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System),
  • establish university wide recycling programs
  • alter building operation, remodel and new building protocol

II. Team Members;

  • Joe Spence, Todd Enlow, Patti Buhl and Randy Shelton
  • Eventually to include the Sustainability Committee

III. Major milestones/actions over the last 3-6 months:

  • Nothing to report at this time

IV. Planned major milestones or actions over the next 6 months.

  • Procure and implement STARS
  • Formal creation of university wide recycling program
  • Continue ongoing efforts to add Hybrid vehicles to our FLEET

V. Current Funding Sources, Unfunded needs:

  • Will continue to utilize fully funded capital accounts to acquire services and equipment