International Study Abroad

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Project Name & Goal(s) Supported Action Project Leader Projected Completion Date Additional Budget Required Progress Toward Completion
International study abroad
Goal 5: Global Knowledge & Cultural Sensitivity
Classification B: Resource Producing, Requires Investment
Richard Carhart/Martin Tadlock Spring 2013 2012: TBD
2013: TBD
2014: TBD

I. Brief Description & Significant Changes in Plans (if any):

Develop and implement study abroad partnerships with select international educational organizations in Asia.

II. Team Members:

Roger Collier, Richard Carhart, Tom Jackson and Martin Tadlock are currently most involved in the programs; however this will be expanded to include faculty from the College of Business and Technology, representatives from student affairs and academic affairs (and perhaps faculty from the College of Liberal Arts).

III. Major milestones/actions over the last 3-6 months:

Ten undergrads from Jain University studying for one semester Fall 2011 in the business school completing three courses, with plans to continue for the future. Initiated MBA Degree Completion program with Sage University – target for spring 2012. Develop a partnership with King George ESL program for: 1. on-sight MBA program in Vancouver, Canada, directed toward international students; 2. Integration of international students into Broken Arrow and Tahlequah undergraduate and graduate programs. Completed an agreement for NSU student study abroad and teaching in Weifang University in Shandong Province. Four students studied abroad in fall 2011; one student is in a work-abroad programs. Exploring host study abroad, study abroad, and/or degree programs with Zhejiang Normal University, Cangzhou Normal University, Xi’an Fanyi University, Jinhua Polytechnic University. Recruitment agreements have been completed with AAE in Ho Chi Min City and in Saigon, with Capstone in Hanoi, and with KAERC in Seoul.

IV. Planned major milestones or actions over the next 6 months.

Finalize agreements with Sage University and King George ESL, and develop a complete plan. Evaluate opportunity for a degree completion program with Sprott Shaw College. Implement Weifang agreement. Evaluate multiple opportunities in China and select best fit. Evaluate opportunities for our students to study abroad. Evaluate co-curricular requirements and develop an implementation plan.

V. Current Funding Sources, Unfunded needs:

The largest need is in faculty to support the expansion of the MBA programs both locally and in Vancouver. This should be self-funding, but may require some initial investments. There will also be needs in Broken Arrow and in Tahlequah for instructional support and for the co-curricular elements.