HLC Institutional Open Pathways/AQIP Coordinator

Brief Explanation of the Project:

As we transition to our next HLC evaluation visit, we will need to have someone on campus coordinate our activities for either Open Pathways or AQIP (whichever is decided). This person needs to have high credibility with faculty, organizational skills, knowledge of the HLC process, and ability to move projects along to completion.

Expected Benefits (Outcomes) for the University:

The expected outcome is to have a coordinated process for preparing for the next HLC visit and reports. There needs to be someone in charge to make sure we are on the correct course.

Rough Estimate of Funding Requirements and Possible Sources for Funding:

Administrative salary & fringe benefits for 12 month position - $75,000 plus benefits or add pay for academic year contact if a 12 month position is not developed. Anticipate that this person would
continue teaching at least 6 hours per semester.

Potential Leader(s), key participants:

  • President Turner
  • Provost
  • Mike Wilds as HLC Tri-Chair Coordinator

Estimated Start Timing and requirements for start-up of project:

Starting effective July 1, 2012

Estimated End Timing:


How This Project Meets The Selection Criteria:

(Requires a high level of commitment and attention; is well-defined and has the potential to reach significant milestones within the year; requires attention and effort from multiple units across the university; Key stakeholders are committed to providing leadership; and, additional funding will require the identification of funding sources):

Submitted By (Individual and Organization, if applicable):

Janet Bahr, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs