Develop a Collegial Governance Policy for NSU

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Project Name & Goal(s) Supported Action Project Leader Projected Completion Date Additional Budget Required Progress Toward Completion
Develop a Collegial Governance Policy for NSU
Goal 3 (Inclusion, Collaboration, Shared Leadership)
Denise Deason-Toyne Spring 2012 2012: None
2013: None
2014: None

I. Brief Description & Significant Changes in Plans (if any):

The driving force behind this project are the NSU values of collaboration and leadership, as articulated in Strategic Goal 3, “Build and reinforce an environment that values full inclusion, collaboration and shared leadership in the life of the university and in all external relationships.” The objective was to develop a policy paper that clearly lays out the meaning and intent of the strategic goal and our values as a community. A collegial system has, as its fundamental principle, the concept of good faith consultation among these colleagues prior to decision making as stipulated below. Colleagues are defined as all students, faculty and employees of the university.

II. Team Members:

The faculty council worked closely with the cabinet throughout the process. The following stakeholder organizations were consulted during the development phase of the working paper: NSGA, Staff Council, Faculty Council, the Chairs' Council and the Cabinet.

III. Major milestones/actions over the last 3-6 months:

The first PUBLIC draft was circulated in December 2010 and has been reviewed and revised several times. It has been vetted through NSGA, Staff Council, Faculty Council, the Chairs' Council and the Cabinet (on multiple occasions).

IV. Planned major milestones or actions over the next 6 months:

Dr. Turner’s review.

V. Current Funding Sources, Unfunded needs:

No funding is required.