Teacher Education Council

Membership: The membership of the Teacher Education Council is as follows: one representative from each department in the College of Education (Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Foundations and Leadership, Special Services, and Health Kinesiology);  two representatives from each of the other undergraduate colleges:  (Liberal Arts, Business and Technology, and Science and Health Professions); Director of Clinical Education; Assistant Dean for the College of Education; Teacher Certification Coordinator; one undergraduate student majoring in a teacher education area; one graduate student majoring in a teacher education area; one public school administrator; and one public school teacher. The Dean of the College of Education serves as chair.

Function: The committee provides oversight, guidance, and direction to the teacher education programs of the University and to insure that all programs comply with teacher certification standards and that all programs meet state and national standards for accreditation. The committee functions as an avenue for communication of new requirements and policies in teacher education. The committee approves all program changes for teacher education programs prior to being submitted to the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee. The committee reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Meetings: The committee meets in August, January and April of each year and other meetings are called by the chair as needed. Minutes should be sent to the deans of each college and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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