Membership: Thirteen members, with two representatives from each college, one representative from the library, and two students appointed by the Northeastern Student Government Association. Director of Libraries is an ex officio member.

NSGA Rep: Ms. Sarah Tilley
NSGA Rep: Ms. Austyn Fulps

Function: The Library Committee functions include: 1) to discuss the issues of policy submitted to the committee by the Director of Libraries, on which faculty opinion is desired; 2) to give the faculty an opportunity to initiate desired changes of library policy through their representative, and to give student opinion an opportunity for expression through representation on the committee; 3) to provide a mechanism for faculty input and reaction on library related issues to the University and Library administration; and 4) to review proposals or issues submitted to the Library Committee and advise the appropriate agency of the recommendations of the Library Committee. This committee reports to the Director of Libraries and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Meetings: At least once each semester and as called by the chair. Minutes should be sent to the Director of Libraries and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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