Financial Aid Appeals

Membership: Eight-twelve faculty and staff members, and two students appointed by the Northeastern Student Association. Director of Student Financial Services is an ex officio member.

Student Services, Counselor: TBD
NSGA Rep: Mr. Thomas Teague
NSGA Rep: Ms. Molly Turner

Function: This committee recommends institutional policy relevant to the general operation of the university’s financial assistance programs and serves as an appeals board for students who do not agree with decisions made under the standard operating procedures of the office and for financial aid recipients who fail to met the university’s standards for academic progress. A quorum of six (6) members must be present in order for the committee to conduct business. This committee reports to the Dean of Enrollment Management.

Meetings: At least once each semester before each semester begins. Minutes should be sent to the Dean of Enrollment Management and the Director of Student Financial Services.

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